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Fri Jul 01 2022

Inspiration app ideas for July

Building Meaningful Shopify Apps

With all these new updates from Shopify Editions, there are so many ideas floating around App devs’ minds. Here are some ideas I collected from merchants this month.

Shopify Editions (Bonus) 🚀

It is definitely a great time to be part of the Shopify Ecosystem, the updates that were published last week are absolutely insane, so many that I need some scheduled time to go through all of them.

For me, one of the most interesting ones was definitely Shopify Functions, I have been developing Shopify stores for the last few years and every time some automation logic was needed, I had to copy-paste Ruby code (I don’t know Ruby at all) in Shopify Scripts Editor.

Now we can finally write tailored logic and deploy it without that.

I see this as a first step to making Shopify more open and customizable, but still with a reassuring control of the platform by the company. I am a fan of strict rules in a platform because without it you end up in a WordPress-like hell, where anarchy reigns and long-term maintainability literally goes out of the window.

No offense to WP devs, this is just my opinion.

So what I personally think is that Shopify has started to open the platform yet maintaining control, which is the perfect balance.

So excited and curious to see what will be built! Now, let’s start with our meaningful feedback!

#1 Automated Related Products By Metafield 🤖

Source: Shopify forums

An app that might let you Limit related product suggestions based on:

  • items in stock
  • Products with two or three metafields matching certain criteria based on the product being viewed

Each product should have a unique set of related products that can be calculated based on rules such as above, identical combinations of metafield entries such as “Model = X” and “Colour Set = Y”, and “Group = Z”, these are not fields visible by a customer in the front end, they just help dictate related products.

One rule might be related items are the same model and Colour Set for example, and it’s in stock. Another rule might be it’s the same Colour and Group but ignores the model.

In this case, the Merchant seems to have found an app that does the trick using tags, props to Recomatic, however, how would you go about building a sort of an engine using metafields?

#2 Automated Kickback fee ⚽️

Source: Shopify Forums

When a user buys some products, they will get an email with an affiliate link to the shop every time someone visits the shop through the affiliate link the user will get 1% of the money spent to his account to spend in the shop.

This sort of kickback-fee process could really be powerful via email but also why not extend this with a cookie/popup combination at the next visit (in addition to an email)?

This free affiliate marketing motivates customers to be the merchant’s promoters.

#3 Sync multiple FBA Amazon shops to 1 Shopify store ⚙️

Source: Shopify Forums

An app that would allow us to sync multiple FBA shops’ inventory to one single Shopify store. Provided that all SKUs are unique across all FBA accounts so data conflicts should generally not be an issue, but perhaps this app should also consider a sort of duplicate SKU check when syncing in order not to have conflicts.

#4 Variants inventory sharing 🛍

Source: Shopify Forums

The example here is a ticketed event on Shopify with different tiers/variants. The problem to solve is: to share inventory quantities in order not to oversell the event.

Are you up for this?

#5 Customer Discount For Texting A Friend 📲

Source: Shopify Forums

Post purchase extension to send an SMS to a friend, a sort of rapid affiliate marketing right after purchase in order to receive future discounts or discount codes once the message is sent to a friend for both the customer and their friends.

#6 Sales Pop-Up Scheduler ⏰

Source: Shopify Forums

A Sales Pop-up App that allows merchants to schedule multiple concurring or sequentially scheduled pop-ups so that this doesn’t have to be done manually.

For example, a Daily Deal pop-up appears when a customer lands on any page. Each day merchants can promote a different item or combination of items in conjunction with a countdown clock in the pop-up, all this set up in advance only at certain times of the day.

#7 “You Bought This Before” Popup/Widget 🔔

Source: Shopify Forums

An app that lets customers know they have purchased an item before on the product page or in the shopping cart, like on Amazon.

#8 IRL Customer Reviews Using QR Code ⭐️

Source: Shopify Forums

Getting customer reviews for the products they are buying with a QR Code on a thank you card shipped along with the products.

The problem here is that for different products that customers are buying, there need to be different QR Codes so that by scanning them, customers land on the single product pages they have purchased.


That's a wrap for this month!

I hope this feedback helps you get inspired along with all the fantastic updates from Shopify Editions.

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Have a lovely Summer! ☀️