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Sat May 21 2022

Building Meaningful Shopify Apps

Building Meaningful Shopify Apps

I went all-in building Shopify Apps

Last month I quit my job to focus on freelancing and building Shopify Apps, to help merchants and brands simplify their processes and focus on their growth.

My goal is to build and help other devs/founders build "Meaningful" apps.

But what is a "Meaningful" app?

A "Meaningful" app for me means that it solves a very specific pain/struggle for a merchant. I have worked in this ecosystem for a while and lots of merchants have these struggles on a daily basis. My goal is to intercept these struggles.


Dedicating part of my time to regularly interacting with merchants on Socials, Forums, and DMs and distilling all this feedback in a monthly newsletter for Shopify App Devs and anyone who's interested in improving the ecosystem.


I strongly believe that sharing and making the ecosystem stronger and more connected is a win-win approach for everyone and therefore I have decided, in my small, to help reduce the gap between developers and merchants.

What now?

I will finish building in public and launch my first Shopify app: Flash Promos (and hopefully other future apps).

Flash Promos aims to help manage and schedule price changes and discounts easily and blazing fast.
And launch "Building Meaningful Shopify Apps" ⬇

From the 1st of June, every 1st of the month I will deliver this feedback directly to your inbox.

Let's make this ecosystem stronger than ever. 💪🏻

If you liked this post, follow me on Twitter and feel free to reach out, my DMs are open.

Also, it would be great if you shared my newsletter with other developers or founders 😊 The more developers/founders know about this, the merrier merchants will be.

Happy building! 🛠