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Mon Aug 01 2022

5 hot tips for Shopify Apps in August

Building Meaningful Shopify Apps

1. Scratch and win promo codes 🎟

source: Shopify forums

Gamification is often a great hook to generate interest in customers. In this case, let’s call it “gambling” 😅, but how about building a theme extension with a scratch and win and in case of success generate a discount code to use within a certain date? I think it’s a cool idea, and you?

2. Reviews for collections 🛍

source: Shopify forums

The merchant I got inspiration from for this idea sells hand-made ukuleles from several manufacturers. Each uke is unique in appearance by the nature of each wood type, grain, and sound. So, they created a new listing for each uke with photos and descriptions specific to that uke alone. Once that uke is sold, they archive the product.

Since sold ukes are archived immediately, customers don’t have a chance to leave a review. Even if they did, a review on that individual product wouldn’t do any good – even if we were to sell another of the same model – as that new uke would have a new product listing.

They set up Collections by Brand, Size, and Price. 

Why not use metafields to let customers review collections as well in order to have general feedback about a specific product type?

Unleash your creativity here!

3. Exclusive offers or partnerships' pages 🤝

source: Shopify forums

This post suggested an app to create separate pages to display exclusive offers. The offers on these pages would have unique and exclusive pricing available only for certain partners.

Example: a clothing brand that gives a 10% discount on all t-shirts to all the employees of a partner brand. This merchant also mentions that he would like to have these pages non-indexed by Google, so perhaps this could be a condition when creating these deals’ pages.

4. Appointment App Based On Location 🧭

source: Shopify forums

This merchant’s company has several store locations, each with different days/hours of operation. On their “Schedule an Appointment” form, they need to implement a date/time picker that updates to reflect the available days and appointment time slots based on the store location customers select.

Right now, they have a basic calendar date picker that only shows available days, not time slots, and they cannot set different days/hours of operation for each location.

In my opinion, this sounds like Calend.ly or Cal.com for Shopify, who’s going to build it?

5. Single variants stock label 🏷

source: Shopify forums

As easy as it sounds. Show stock of each variant next to the variant options radio form or select component in the PDP form, perhaps with a Back in stock link for the options with stock zero.

That's all folks! 🎉

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