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Wed Jun 01 2022

4 juicy tips, and ideas for June

Building Meaningful Shopify Apps

Building meaningful Shopify Apps (BMSA) is a newsletter that aims to reduce the gap between merchants and app developers, to make the ecosystem stronger than ever!


Just a reminder, BMSA is a newsletter created by me but based on the feedback I get on multiple channels and forums, or by having conversations with merchants and agencies. Now, let’s get to the main course 😊.

Idea #1: Pickup or delivery scheduling 📦🗓

Source Facebook Shopify partners group

An app that gives customers the power to choose a time slot within a range of options for both pickup and delivery.

After checkout, perhaps using a post-purchase extension, using a structure similar to Calendly, that lets a customer book or choose a time that suits them.

This could definitely need some sort of integration with the shipping providers (at least for delivery), hence I see this kind of app is very suitable for builders that are already in the shipping/ fulfillment arena.

Idea #2: Multi-provider invoicing integration

🧾Source: Typeform survey

A reliable app that integrates with different invoicing providers that automates all the manual work currently done by many merchants to keep their books tidy.

Idea #3 Tax manager💰

Source: Typeform survey

This may be niched down by country specifically for the differences in taxation and bureaucracy, but the point is: making taxes EASY.

Idea #4 Product launch automation 🚀

Source: Facebook Shopify partners group

An app that controls the availability dates of a product.e.g. The product is available from Jan 1st to Jan 15th. There are some apps like Launchpad that are only for Plus merchants and do not allow overlapping launches. Also, Shopify flow can do something like that but only for the advanced and not the basic plan.

The big win here is to take this market slice of basic plan merchants and help them scale their brands with an app like this.

I am aware personally that the Admin API for shops on the basic plan does not allow the product to be published on channels programmatically, as the mutation publishablePublish requires the write_publications access scope, which is currently available only to private apps installed on Shopify Plus stores.

So the challenge here is, how can we build this? Go crazy on this one ⚡️


That’s all for this issue, thanks for reading!

I am working hard to collect as much feedback as I can for next month and collecting already a lot of interesting and juicy feedback, stay tuned!

Until then, follow me on Twitter and feel free to reach out, my DMs are open.

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Happy building! 🛠