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I am Jonathan Giardino.
I love designing and developing
cool stuff for the Web.
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Click on any letter on your keyboard to generate a circle and to trigger a sound. Realised with Javascript, PaperJS and HowlerJS. Desktop only



Website for Healthcare360 podcast and its host Scott E. Burgess


Mijke Res Coaching

Online life coaching services website realised with Webflow, custom code and Calendly integration.


Plant Based Burgers

A series of (Plant-based) burger animations simple to understand and easy to use. Free to clone in your projects. Realised using Vanilla JS and SASS.



'rita helps you find pizza around your position or in a specific location. Realised with HTML, CSS, Vanilla JS and Google Maps API


The Monkees

Fictitious music-band website template for old and new fans. My first project ever.



Freelance Webflow agency site

I am a Web Developer from Italy living in Amsterdam, passionate about creating amazing experiences for the web as well as mobile apps more recently. I have a solid background in Retail, Sales, Customer support, Localization, Translation and Project Management that add up a business side of me which often comes handy. Last but not least, I am extremely eager to learn and express my creativity to the fullest on a daily basis. I am currently employed full-time with a firm, always looking for external projects or new opportunities. 🚀

June 2020

3 Random Reasons to love SwiftUI

June 2020

3 things I’ve learned about Swift in the last week.

June 2020

Fundamentals and surprising discoveries in Swift (Bonus at the end)

May 2020

My 100 Days of SwiftUI begin here

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